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Pipe Systems
displacement pipe VR, recess pipe AR, flexible beaded cavity tubing AR-flex, round shuttering FKR, foundation pipe FKVR, water feed pipe WFR, casement tubing SR, ventilation pipe
Cavity System Type AS-Vario
variable lenghts, widths and heights
      Cavity System Type AS-Vario 100
deliverable in heights from 14 cm to 90 cm. Length of the form strip on roll 4,0 m

      Shuttering  System Type FKV
attachment shuttering, interior shuttering and external shuttering
Foundation tube systems
Type-FK - corrugated profile, Type-FKV - trapezoidal profile, special designs, machine foundations, circular foundation tubes Type FKR - corrugate profile, accessory
MSL-Type AF 1,5
Large area shuttering element in expanded metal
Construction joint systems
Construction joint systems
of flat, corrugated or trapezoidal perforated sheet metal or steel mesh, shuttering elements with joint plate, edging systems
Foundation formwork systems
FS 2001 - trapezoid-profiled, FS 2001G - smooth and multiple uses, FS 2001 light - shaft-profiled, FS 2050 - shaft-profiled reinforced, FS 2040 - one-sided foundation and round casing trapezoid-profiled, FS-U-Form shaft-profiled perforated hole casing
Wall shuttering RA
ceiling and foundation wall shuttering made of zinc coated sheet metal
Stainless steel Flammkuchen and pizza oven
Raised beds, garden, leisure
garden, balcony and terrace raised bed, plant pyramid, composter, trapezoidal sheeting for roofing or wall, Flammkuchen and pizza oven
Raised bed caport

Trapezoidal sheeting for roofing or wall
element with 800 mm / 1000 mm, element length up to 8.5 m, material galvanised, sheet thickness 0.50 mm, 0.75 mm, 1.00 mm

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