Circular foundation tubing shuttering, anchor piping type FKR

Circular foundation tubing shuttering, anchoring piping

System descriptions:

  • All diameters from 120 mm are available.
  • The 10/26 internal and external profiling yields very high stability in bearing the pressure of the fresh concrete.
  • This cavity is optimal in shuttering for an anchoring system, e.g. machine foundations, in which very high dynamic forces usually arise. The large cross-section makes the circular FKR type superior to cavity and displacement piping in this field.
  • Compared to square cavities the round ones only need reinforcing if they are very much larger.
  • The system has proven itself extremely well as external shuttering too.


FKR Steel plate black or galvanised, thickness = 0.5 mm
FKLR Perforated plate black or galvanised, thickness 0.75 mm

Profile: Approx. 10/26 mm